Tommo has been able to use licensing and partnerships throughout its history to expand its consumer channel brand offerings. Tommo utilizes partner expertise in specific markets to maximize our marketing reach and product assortment.

Software Developers and Publishers

Tommo is always interested in finding new and classic content and maximizing potential sales through our existing brand family.  We’re particularly interested in children’s entertainment brands, classic retro games and catalogues from the last 25 years. We review any opportunity we feel will engage our audience.

Key Brands

Tommo’s major internal brands are Humongous Entertainment and Retroism and their respective catalogues. In the last few years we have entered into licensing arrangements with partners to sell and marketing in specific channels and in specific regions.

National Brands

Tommo has long history of partnering with well-known iconic game industry brands to create unique consumer experiences. In recent years we’ve launched the NEOGEO™ X Gold System, Sega® Mobile Accessories and Chuck E. Cheese’s® Games  just to name a few.

Tommo is always open to listening to the opportunities that present themselves to grow our brands and company. If you have opportunity you would like to discuss, contact us to start the conversation!