Exclusive Products for Iconic Brands

Throughout Tommo’s long history, we have been squarely focused on adding value, excitement and innovations to the gaming experience and helping new generations connect with classic game brands and software. Tommo’s exclusive products category represents that innovation.

2014 Retroism Classics Digital Download Card Pack

Exclusively available at Amazon and BestSku.com, Tommo launched a first of its kind “physical goods” digital product. The Retroism Classics Digital Download Card Pack features 6 classic, one of kind collector’s cards from all-time great games like Sid Meier’s Pirates Gold and Covert Action, plus Steam Codes to play and own the actual games.

2013 Sega Rechargeable Power Partner and iPhone 5 Sega Replica System Cases

Tommo launched two great Sega accessory products in the fall of 2013. The first was a deluxe 9000 Mah rechargeable battery pack that works with almost any handheld gaming device. The “Power Partner” come with a Sega inspired soft silicon case, velvet carrying pouch and multiple connectors that work with a variety of devices.

Also released in 2013, Tommo created a complete line of custom molded iPhone 5 cases featuring the classic designs of the Sega Genesis System and Controller, The Mega Drive and the Sega Saturn.

2012 NEO GEO X Gold System

Tommo was able take one of the premiere arcade and in-home gaming systems of the 1990s and make it both playable and expandable on a beautiful handheld device surrounded by an amazing NEO GEO system replica port and Joystick – The NEO GEO X handheld Gaming System. Heralded as one of the most innovated gaming products of the year, the NEO GEO X features an expansion modular that adds 16 NEO GEO games to the 20 game already on board the system.

Tommo is always on the lookout for the next great opportunity to create a truly unique gaming experience with classic brands and our technology. Please contact us for more information or to start the discussion.